Tear of Celts 100 g (white purified beeswax)

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Tear of Celts 100 g (white purified beeswax)

If you want a really natural ingredient, use this for candles!

It is cosmetically pure, so it is also excellent for making ointments and balms :)

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Beeswax is a 100% natural substance, the secretions of bees from which their hives are built. Interesting fact,that they also contain items collected from flowers visited by bees. It has a lot of active ingredients that stay active after melting, so it's great for making candles and for cosmetic purposes - but if you're sensitive to beekeeping products, don't use them at all!

Always keep it in a cool place, protected from moisture and direct light, because it likes it in that way :)


Properties: yellow wax lozenges

Smell: it has a slight honey scent

Ingredient (INCI): cera alba

Use for cosmetic products for external use only!


It gives them better texture, compactness and skin-friendly texture, making them ideal for making creams, ointments, balms and lipsticks.

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