Wooden candle holder without base (10 pcs.)

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Wooden candle holder without base (10 pcs.)
Wooden candle holder without base (10 pcs.)
Wooden candle holder without base (10 pcs.)
Wooden candle holder without base (10 pcs.)

Size: 13 cm × 1.3 cm

Rips-pops... it crackles like a fireplace!

Try them and enjoy the crackling of the fire! :)


Be prepared that working with wooden wicks is not easy, it is for real black belt candle makers!

Many people think that "I just pour it in, light it and that's it!", but in their case this is very much not the case. Long experimentation is recommended!

For example, you should not light the top, but the bottom, so that the wax starts to melt. That's why it doesn't work very well with matches, only with a lighter, because if you burn the top, it won't burn well anymore.

We do not guarantee that it will work properly with all waxes, it requires long testing, even the best ones had a lot of experimentation before they found out the best method. (You can also read a great article about this on Meseláng soon)

In general, 1 tile alone will not be enough, so we recommend using 2-3 tiles depending on the size of the jar.

We don't want to spoil your mood, we just thought it was important to mention them so that you know them if you give your head a "prick" :)

Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for failures due to the incorrect pairing of ingredients or lack of practice!

That's why we recommend buying a couple of them first, and only then buy a larger quantity of them once you've got them!

Come on, come on, let those wicks crackle! :)

1 500 Ft
Bonus point : 15 Ft
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