Candle recorder

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Candle recorder
Candle recorder
Candle recorder
Candle recorder

Candle fixer (FixCandle)

The FixCandle candle holder provides unlimited possibilities and security in the placement of candles.
With the help of the candle holder, you can fix the filament candles in the candle holders so that they do not fall out.
In fact, you don't even need a candle holder!

You can attach your thin candles to any fire-resistant surface, e.g. also for stones, marble or bricks.
In order to ensure secure fixing, clean the surface of dust and grease before fixing.
Apply a pea-sized amount of glue from the tube to the bottom of the candle to be attached. Press the candle onto the surface to which you want to stick it, then roll the candle once so that the glue spreads thoroughly. If the candle is not stable, put more glue on it.
FixCandle candle glue can be used several times. It can be removed from the bottom of the candle with a stick and spread onto another candle.

ATTENTION! Never leave a burning candle unattended, even if you use a FixCandle candle holder.

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