Viola Purple

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Viola Purple

Candle dye produces different color effects in different waxes. In general, it can be said that it gives a stronger color in paraffin, while in vegetable waxes it gives a more matte color.

It is worth starting with half of the recommended amount and then increasing the dose in order to achieve the desired color effect.
In order to achieve unique colors, the colors can be mixed with each other, this requires practice.
It must be thoroughly mixed with the wax until all the paint particles have melted and the melted wax has a uniform color.
Store in a cool, dry place away from light. The color of the candle dye when dry is not the same as the color mixed in the wax.

Package: 2 grams

Recommended quantity:
1-2 grams/1 kg of wax (for complete coloring)
2-4 grams/1 kg of wax (for surface coloring)
A double layer is recommended for sauce.

340 Ft
Bonus point : 3 Ft
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Our candle dye comes from Europe. It is non-toxic and consists of natural fatty acids and saturated alkanes. This dye is designed to blend perfectly with all types of wax, be it mineral or natural for making candles. Very concentrated, easy to use. Appearance: powder, granules or flakes. Flash point: 200°C

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